1. Arrival and Welcome

For first time floaters, please arrive 30mins early for your brief introduction into Float House and floatation therapy. We cover everything you need to know so all your floats thereafter will flow easily. Regular visitors only need to arrive 15mins early.

- Using the restrooms before your float is a must. This will reduce any urges and distractions you may experience during your float session.

- All visitors are asked to shower before float sessions, using our pre float body washes. Towels will also be provided.

- Floats are 1 hour long. You have the choice to float with the tanks open or closed and with lighting or without. Ear plugs will be provided.

- After your float you can take advantage of our incredibly relaxing and earthy chill out areas. You can also enjoy a post float water or beverage of your choice and use our hammocks for a post float retreat.